Neonicotinoids HB 2589

Neonicotinoids HB 2589 – The use of neonicotinoid-based pesticides have adverse impacts on Oregon’s bees and pollinating insects, as well as affecting the health of other native species including Salmon, aquatic invertebrates, and birds, Neonicotinoids are present in many of Oregon’s waterways and ecosystems, and the strong scientific correlations of these negative impacts are clear; yet industry and government agencies refuse to take meaningful measures to protect the environment from the use of these pesticides.

Neonicotinoids are systemic and persistent in plants for years after direct application or prophylactic seed treatment. It has taken decades to figure out the mechanisms through which neonics affect the integrity of ecosystems.  There is a strong case for stricter regulation.

I think its reasonable that the State of Oregon put a moratorium on neonics until their use can be proven safe for our ecosystem. I introduced a bill to ban the use of neonics to move the discussion in this direction. Unfortunately HB 2589 did not pass as it did not have enough support from the legislature, state agencies and the agricultural industry.

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