Paul’s Bills

Bills by Legislative SessionJune 27 2011 018

2016 Legislative Session
2015 Legislative Session
2014-13 Legislative Session
2012-11 Legislative Session
2009 Legislative Session
2007 Legislative Session
2005 Legislative Session

Bills by Subject

Legislature 2009 007Community Solar
Minimum Wage
Extending UI Benefits
Labeling of GE fish
Neonics Pesticides
Energy Storage
Forest Fire Fund Protection
Field Burning
Waldo Lake
Career Technical Ed
Farmland Wineries
Tax Compliance
Structured Settlements
Puppy Mill Ban

I have served on several committees during my tenure at the legislature Currently as Chair of the Business and Labor Committee. I also served on four other committees: Consumer Protection and Government Efficiency, Energy and Environment, OR Dept of Energy Oversight Committee (Co-Chair).

I have included information that I hope will give you an idea of what we accomplished during my past Sessions of the Oregon State Legislative Assembly.

In addition to advocating for state policy and legislation, I can often times help my constituents navigate the state system for services and programs. Please do not hesitate to contact my office at (503) 968-1408 or if I can be of any assistance with these matters.

It is an honor and privilege to serve the people of House District 8.


Paul Holvey

Oregon State Representative
 District 8