Waldo Lake

SB 602A bans the use of all internal combustion motors on Waldo Lake including float planes, ending a long standing disagreement over the status of the lake. Largely untouched until the 1970’s when maintained roads finally allowed easy access to vacationers and outdoor enthusiasts, Waldo Lake represents an unusually well preserved piece of natural history. It is an oligotrophic lake, meaning it has a low nutrient content, resulting in reduced algal activity and, as a result, extremely pure water. This fact, coupled with its largely untouched beauty, has been behind the push to see Waldo Lake protected to an even greater degree than other lakes and rivers in Oregon.

Waldo Lake has been singled out as one of the cleanest lakes in the world and its serene beauty offers a perfect example of the value we Oregonians place on preserving the natural world. Every year the lake attracts numerous visitors from all walks of life and they all come to enjoy this unique monument in its pristine state.